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If you want the products to be delivered as it is and not get distorted or damaged on the way to delivery, make sure that they are packed in the proper manner. At Raikot Logistics, we have some useful suggestions for you.

Satchels or small parcels

If you sending an item that is small in size and can get damaged easily, then opt for a satchel or a small purse. They are clean and can be traced easily in a dispatch.

For fragile items like CDs and DVDs, use a purpose-made cover that is fully padded for extra protection.

Individually wrap more than one item

If you have to send multiple items at one go, pack each one of them individually. This ensures better protection and safety. Don’t pack all of them together otherwise they might get damaged. Moreover, use pad coverings wherever required.

More is best with fragile items

If the product to be delivered is sensitive then don’t forget to mention “Fragile” on top of the box. This will help the Raikot Logistics delivery professional to handle it in an extra careful manner. Use proper padding and packing material to avoid any kind of scratch marks.

Heavy items and goods

To prevent heavy items from getting damaged use extra padding and proper packing techniques.

Carefully pack awkward and metal goods

If the item to be delivered has an odd shape or has sharp edges or is made out of metals that are heavy and can harm the other products on the delivery process, you need to opt for extra padding to ensure proper packing. This will ensure that no dents or scratches are made and the goods remain in proper shape.

Evenly stack and secure pallets

If your items are on a pallet stack them evenly and secure them by strapping, banding or shrink-wrapping.

Protect your polished surface items from scratch and damage

If your item has a shiny or polished surface, make sure that the foam used is soft. This will protect the item from unnecessary scratch marks in case of any movement or rubbing against the container in which it is dispatched.

Foam-pack computers and electronic goods

Polystyrene moulds are great for packing computers and electronic goods.

Use a commercial quality tape

Using commercial tape makes sure that the product remains within the package and does not burst open during any kind of bumping.

Ensure clearly labelled packages

When you stick the “supplied consignment label” on top of each item it ensures quick identification and keeps handling to a minimum.

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