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Tracking and Tracing

Worried when the products will be delivered to your clients? Will they reach on time? Get rid of all these queries when you opt for Raikot Logistics. With our Real Time Tracking and Tracing system, you will get updates on the entire process of delivery. Right from the dispatch made to the transit stage and finally the delivery. In short, you can keep track of your product’s delivery cycle at the click of a button.

Real-Time Tracking System

For delivery made through courier or taxi trucks, you will find all the relevant information updated by the concerned driver. He will update the pick-up time, drop-off and receiver’s name in real-time via on-board data terminal so that you can refer to it anytime you want. In fact you can track the transit phase as well because of the GPS tracking device installed on the delivery vehicle.

You can track local freight right from the moment it leaves the warehouse shelf till it is dropped off at the customer’s end. Every product delivered by Raikot Logistics is scanned and finally signed off at the time of delivery. We have an electronic sign off device.

If you have opted for our Overnight express freight you can be rest assured that your delivery status will always be “on the radar” as the entire movement is traced and updated at the website for your easy access. We will provide you with a personalized customer code and password through which you can keep track of the entire process so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep while we get down to work on your behalf.

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