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Our Comprehensive 3PL Services Include:

Import and Export – the 3PL Way

To ensure that both the “national” and “international” safety and security measures are followed strictly, we at Raikot Logistics follow the rules and regulations of the land so as to meet the ever-growing list of supply chain management challenges.

Now, more than ever it is important that your business meets the need of the hour. To make sure that all your products are delivered on time, our experts located in different parts of the world work round the clock to make the entire process a smooth and hassle-free one. We have complete customs brokerage services together with wharf cartage, customs and AQIS (Quarantine) compliance.

3PL Store, Pick, Pack & Send (SPPS)

At Raikot Logistics Pty Ltd, the delivery destination is not a big issue. No matter which part of the world you want to deliver the products to, we can safely rely on our logistics and supply chain management. We have a complete Store, Pick, Pack & Send logistics service which means that right from packing, picking, storing and sending logistics. Our door-to-door facility is made possible with the help of Australia’s largest courier and taxi facility.

3PL Integrated Software Solutions

With our integrated software solutions, you can now streamline your entire logistics and supply chain management. In fact, you will be able to keep a track of the product and find out when it will be delivered. You will have access to Real-Time POD (proof-of-delivery) data at your disposal. You can access your accounts online and get the required invoices as printouts as and when needed.

3PL Supply Chain Consulting Services

You can analyze your business by hiring our consulting services. Our experts with several years of experience in supply chain management will scrutinize your business and will come up with a customized strategy that will help to better manage all your supply chain needs of the hour. With our benchmarking system, you can easily meet your customer specifications without any kind of hassle.

Multiple problems – single 3PL (Third Party Logistics) solution…

Business owners today are more interested in a single source of solution to all their logistic needs. No one wants to source materials and products from different providers as it is time-consuming and becomes expensive as well. Moreover, one may not have the warehouse space to store the products in hand. Finding the perfect balance in such a situation is the key to success. Coordinating between your suppliers is a difficult task if not impossible.

With the emerging technology in warehousing logistics and supply-chain management, more and more business houses are looking for the perfect logistic tools so as to better manage their products that will ultimately be delivered to their customers. To make your work easy and to help you out, we at Raikot Logistics work throughout the year so that all your requirements are met.

With Raikot Logistics you can rest assured that all your 3PL will be met on time. We will take charge of the whole process so that your business moves ahead in full swing. We believe in working with you the way you want. We don’t believe in interfering in your day-to-day activities. With us, you can expect streamlined, interruption-free supply chain management.

We have the capability and the manpower to offer world-class logistics and supply chain management services at any point of the year. All you need to do is contact us and let us know of your requirements. Our experts will get in touch with you and will provide you with a custom-made logistics strategy that will work wonders for your business. With our storage facilities and distribution parameters, your products will be extremely safe and secure. You simply don’t have to worry about the delivery.

When you hire us, you will notice the difference immediately. You will be able to call all the shots in your supply chain and will enjoy all the advantages that your business has been missing out on for so long.

Why Raikot Logistics?

If you are still wondering why you should hire Raikot logistics Pyt Ltd then give us a call. Our experts will be happy to help. Our integrated logistics and supply chain management is at par with the best logistics company in Australia. Our comprehensive services are completely tailor-made to meet your business requirements. Hire us to notice the difference immediately.

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