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When you opt for Raikot Logistics, half of your battle is won. As your transport and logistics partner we will work in complete tandem with your business protocol so that at the end of supply chain management the product gets delivered to your customers on time, every time.

Our seamless, integrated link between your warehouse and your target market will make the entire operations a smooth one. It becomes easier to monitor and control the freight movements and the cost involved for a better and enhanced effective and trouble free logistics and transport service.

With our customized services, it is now possible to come up with a logistics strategy that perfectly fits your business specifications and the requirements of your clients. No matter what the volume of the products that needs to be delivered are, we can offer the best possible solutions in the most cost-effective way.

If you have a high volume business that requires constant monitoring, we can set up a supervisor o location who will look after the entire process – right from packing the products, to their storage and picking up and finally to the delivery at your customer’s doorstep so that you are well aware of all the measures taken to be on time. In fact, this process will help you to monitor and control the cost involved as well.

At Raikot Logistics, we take immense pride on our capability and manpower required to finish the job assigned on time. For us, your customers are our customers and we derive the same satisfaction that you will derive when your customer’s expectations are met. You can entrust us with the complete responsibility of your products delivery and we promise to deliver every single time.